Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, June 18

Brenna and I have been working on some photo projects here for Father's day this weekend - here is a sneak peak at the "fun"... (o.k., today, I "paid" my model - she worked cheap only needed 2 cents :0)

Also, playing with a new feature in photoshop with some of our old photos (you select the part you want in color and then remove the color from the rest of the picture)

you may figure out what the red letters are going to spell below, but I'm not going to share the actual pictures until Sunday...

some more of my color focused pictures from the "past" :-)

Hello All!!
Hope all is going well out there. Things have been busy here lately....Brenna had a school field trip yesterday to the strawberry fields - she had a ton of fun (and they were enjoying a strawberry juice drink when I picked her up yesterday). The weather this week has been grey skies, but cool weather (so I'm not complaining). It has been good snail hunting weather - we counted 68 on our way to school today (and that was just on the way - we didn't count on the way home). (that also only includes snails, no slugs although there were probably that many of them out today too).
I have been working on some craft projects here as well. While I need to wrap up projects that have already been started, I also want to make some gifts for people over here before we leave. So, I decided to work on those projects first (hmm, once again something not on my project list - maybe someday I will actually stick to my list!).
I know there has been alot more going on this week, but I really just wanted to share some pictures today :-)
Take Care!


Tracy S said...

Wow, your photoshop work is incredible! i love it!!!