Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, June 7

yesterday, we went to the park here in town - Brenna loves playing in the sand there :-) (by the way, if you wonder why I put her in dresses so often, it is her choice - she is very girly and loves wearing her dresses at the moment)...

Brenna didn't feel like being a model yesterday - she just wanted to play (who can blame her, lol!)
Brenna likes the park to be all hers - these were some of the faces before the other kids left - once they left then Dustin played with her and there were lots of grins (however, she tried to hide from me - again, not interested in pictures at the park, lol)...

I love this view from the benches you can sit on at the park :-)
So, this is Justice before Brenna decided he should be a princess... (I knew it was just a matter of time before he was going to get dressed up from her!)
Doesn't he look good in his crown??? (and he still looks like he is still smiling!)
I wasn't ready for Brenna to hop in the picture - but don't they look good together!
Hello All!!!
Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - it was a nice weather weekend - feels like summer is finally making an appearance in Germany :-) It is cloudy today, but I think we are supposed to have a sunny afternoon.
We enjoyed a day around home yesterday - we all went to the park to play and then Dustin and Brenna went out for ice cream afterwards...Brenna wasn't really feeling like being a school this morning - she tried to stall as long as possible before I left her at school (2 trips to the bathroom and then back to her storage "platz"...).
Well, I think the weather is nice enough I should take Justice for a walk this morning...
Take Care!