Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23

So, what does a banana split look like in Germany??? I ordered one at the ice cream shop today (and Brenna ordered a Pinocchio) - is it just me, or is this a work of art??? (if it looks like enough for two, it really is - we both left ice cream in our bowls :-)

Isn't Brenna's cute???
Brenna digging in - I think she ate less of her ice cream at the store than what she normally eats when we just have a cone that she walks home with! (she just wanted to eat the decoration, lol).
Brenna and I made pizza dough on Monday - Brenna wanted to have her picture taken - guess I should have known that silliness would follow :-)

I made a new apron on Monday morning - this was a gift for the daughter of my German teacher - I think it turned out really cute (Brenna and I both wanted to keep it - guess we will just need to add it to the project list for when we are back in the US - I am really trying to get my gifts for friends done here first, then finish my unfinished projects that were started here....) (then again, this apron was started before Brenna was born - I did motify the top design - in fact, I redesigned the apron myself :-)
Yesterday afternoon we decided to go to the zoo. I didn't really think it would take a hour and a half to walk to the train station from our house (but it does)....Brenna and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon there (it was a wonderful 70 degree day for the zoo) and then Dustin picked us up at the train station :-) (the elephant viewed from the boat at the zoo)
The sea lion at feeding time....
Brenna's new window shade - her three "pet" snails from last summer...

one of my favorite flowers here in Germany - foxglove :-)
Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here.
Brenna and I have been keeping busy with our afternoons this week (hmm, the sun is finally shining again - so we have went out every afternoon :-) On Monday afternoon, we played at the park. Brenna even shared her ball with one of the boys at the park (although, I think she was also happy when they left and she had the whole park to herself for 30 minutes before we came back home...). Yesterday, we decided it was a great day for the zoo in the afternoon. I had hoped that it would be a hour walk to the train station from our house, but turns out that it is close to a hour and a half... (lucky for us, the train runs every half hour from the bigger town and we got on one of the regional express trains instead of a local train :-) The only down side of the train was that we accidentally sat in 1st class with our 2nd class ticket, so we got kicked out of 1st class and had to make our way to 2nd class (I think the guy just didn't want to sit in the same car as a child - the guy was the only person in 1st class and didn't check tickets in 2nd class once we moved...). (In my defense, my actual ticket didn't say 1st or 2nd class - and with only riding the trains a couple times, how was I to know if I bought a 1st or 2nd class ticket???). Brenna was really happy with our afternoon at the zoo (although we were both disappointed that we couldn't find the popcorn stand - what happened to it???). So, after our relaxing boat ride at the zoo - she had to settle for ice cream. Then we watched the sea lions have supper and made our return trip (we did kind of catch "rush hour" at 5 - the train was full - but again, not alot of people want to sit with you when you have a kid - even one as well behaved as Brenna normally is (and she was pretty good yesterday)). Brenna was very excited that Dustin picked us up at the train station - she wanted all of his attention - she kept complaining that I was interupting her! (although she did allow us to take turns talking to him, lol).
Today, we stayed in town and just went to the park for a short 30 minutes. I took Justice with me on some morning errands today - I had to leave him outside at one of the stores, but he seemed to do o.k. (lucky for me, they had a dog hook up that was by far more secure than any I have seen elsewhere - it actually latched him in with his leash :-) Brenna and I also had our ice cream snack inside the ice cream shop today - hope you enjoy the ice cream "art" today :-) (and yes, the ice cream is as good as it looks!)
Take Care!