Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, June 2

so, it has been a little while since we had the tripod out and did the self-timer - so we decided today would be a good day for playing indoors (the weather is very grey outside - not really rainy, but damp and cool - not great for playing outside...) Brenna got new pink shoes - and thought it would be fun to model and be silly - hope you get some grins :-)

Brenna decided to kiss my nose - pretty cute

Justice had to get in on the action...
doesn't he look happy to be included???
Brenna loves taking pictures of me - I especially like the next two - doesn't it look like Justice loves me??

Brenna took probably 50 pictures in this series - the flash couldn't keep up, but here is one of the better ones...
had my hair colored today - it is pretty close to my natural color, just covers all the gray and has a few highlights. It is pretty expensive to get your hair colored over here, so not sure if I will have it done one more time before coming back to the US or not...

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things are good here - glad to have Dustin back this week. His schedule is still busy - we hope that things lighten up there soon.
The weather continues to be cool here, so we are going to do some baking today (our June birthday cake - we are going to go for strawberry again :-) Brenna is enjoying her new bouncing ball - she likes to sit on it and also bounces up and down the hallway as much as we let her...(not sure how much our landlord is liking it though, lol).
We have a holiday here tomorrow so it will be nice to have Dustin home for the day - not sure if we will do anything special or just enjoy having each other around...
Anyway - hope you enjoy our timer photos :-)
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Girls. you do look marvelous! And, of course Justice loves you. We all love you...the pics with Justice bring back memories from last year!

mikaysmom said...

super cute, what a good idea to get some more pictures taken! Your hair looks very cute! Amazing how much a little bit of color can change how it looks, very nice. Hope you guys enjoy a day together with the holiday coming up. love u!