Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 27

I couldn't resist this little good luck soccer pig yesterday - isn't he cute??? (We will be cheering for Germany now in the World Cup (esp. since the US is out)). We went to Heidelberg yesterday - Brenna continued her love affair with statutes - that is all she wanted pictures with, lol.

We've been having beautiful blue skies here lately :-) Our upcoming forecast for the week even has sun every day (bet we will spend some time at the pool this week!). Below, some of our bubble fun. (Can you tell that Brenna wasn't so interested in pictures to start with, lol - I really only intended to take some pictures of the scenery, but she is too cute not to photograph!).

bubble machine and bubbles to blow - what could be better???

I love her grin in this one!
Just in case you wondered where Justice has been lately...

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - just trying to stay cool in our warm apartment (at least the weather is cooling off nicely in the evening for sleep).

Friday morning, I finished my 3 new summer skirts (can you imagine that I have no shorts here???). Maybe I can actually get some sun on my pale, pale legs this year.... Brenna had a school outing in the morning - they went out walking and then to a playground in the area. Not much else happened in the afternoon on Friday - Brenna was a little tired after the morning walk (I did give her a little break and only made her walk home from school on Friday - she has been walking both to and from school most of the time now). We did play bubbles on Friday evening while waiting for Dustin to get home from work - doesn't it look like fun???
Yesterday, we went to Heidelberg in the morning to walk around. Hard to believe we only have 40 more days until we fly back to the US - how our time has flown over here! We also had our normal errands later in the day, but other than that, it was pretty quiet here. The weather is warm - mid 80s now, so it feels more like summer now...
Cherry season has also started over here, wish Dustin and Brenna would eat them (as the landlord likes to share his yummy cherries). This morning, I made homemade cherry pie filling - yum!!! (I should have taken a picture of the beautiful bowl of cherries - they looked so pretty!).
I've been keeping busy doing Brenna's Disney scrapbook here lately - hoping to get that one printed over here before heading back - at least it only takes about a week to get printed, but I still want to have it sent by the end of the week...
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

your soccer pig is super cute! love the pics of brenna playing with her bubbles. Justice looks like he is staying cool in the hot weather.