Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5

Some of my favorite pictures from Switzerland today (can you imagine if it was only a 3 hour drive away? that is our current distance from this beautiful spot in the Alps!)... I was very amazed that you could be comfortable with the snow on the ground and t-shirts on! We saw lots of hikers with shorts and t-shirts on which looks so crazy next to the snow!

Can you tell that Brenna loved the snow??? She loved getting her hands freezing cold and wet and then wiping them on my arm so that I would say "brrrrr" (maybe that is why I didn't notice I was getting too much sun on my arms until we were in the car, lol!)
doesn't the shirt say it all??

My "model" jumped in all the snow melt off puddles she could find - can you see her pants were wet all the way up to her knees??

the skies were a beautiful blue all day - we have so many pretty pictures from this trip, it was hard to pick just a "few" of the Alps to post :-)

Brenna enjoyed our stop at the playground on our way back down the mountain. She took a 15 minute nap in the stroller right before playing - doesn't she look revived??

They had some great play equipment here - the trampoline was Brenna's favorite

After our cable car ride to the top - Brenna loved it and did great sitting in the car

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there! We went on a rode trip today to the Swiss Alps (it is only a 3 hour drive from our house - how cool is that??). We had driven by this location on our trip to Italy last year, but hadn't stopped for any hiking. With the weather forcast calling for clear, sunny skies today, we decided to head south and check out the Alps.
Brenna loved the cable car ride up (and down), playing in the snow (especially with just a t-shirt on), and the playground after our hike :-) We hiked for about 2 hours at the top of the mountain to go see one of the lakes there - it was so peaceful and the scenery was spectacular! I don't think we could have asked for a better day. The hiking paths just opened again after the winter where we went - can you imagine how much snow must be in the Alps to have a 70 degree weather day with snow still on the ground???
The car ride was pretty good too - not too long for our family although we were all anxious to get home by the end of the day. Well, it is late and I am tired, so I can't think of too much else to say about our day...
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

What a delicious looking day in the glad you had a very crisp and clear one! And Miss Adorable is looking good! Sorry, she is a show stealer and what a photo op for the day!