Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Brenna and I had a pretty quiet day today. We started off with the healthy idea of carrot cupcakes - but the flavor was somewhat lacking - so our healthy snack got a good dose of frosting (where did this sweet and frosting obsession come from???).

Dustin had a long day at work, but luckily with Brenna going to bed later, he at least got some quality time with her. She got a chance to wear her tap shoes tonight which she did really great with. We made some video - I will have to try to get it posted on youtube soon. I swear someday, Brenna will be a star - she is such the performer :-)

I am really looking forward to spring (which is not so promising since it is only January!) - but the rain and snow are not so great with the dog... Although, rain at any time with the dog is a bummer...

Here are some pictures of Brenna and I playing in her room and her with her bunny ears... I got to wear the Minnie mouse ears - sorry there aren't any pictures of that!

Well, I need to get to bed - Take Care!