Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25

Hello All!!!

Well, we had a great weekend trip to Rome, Italy this past weekend (who would have thought a year ago that we would be taking a "weekend trip" to Rome!). We are all tired and feeling the effects of our travels - so not much writing will be on my post tonight. I wish I would have been able to soak in a hot bath today - but I waited too long and it will have to wait until tomorrow (you can't run water/drain the tub after 10 pm here).

Brenna did not want me to take her picture the entire time in Rome - so I think you may see some of that in our pictures. We got some great pictures of the sites we saw - although it is hard to really capture Rome in pictures. The Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's were much too hard for us to capture the beauty of, but trust me when I say that they are beautiful and a once in lifetime place for us to get to see! (We did toss our coin in the Trevi Fountain though - so who knows, maybe we will all come back when Brenna is older!)

Our hotel was nice, but the shuttle back from Rome (which the hotel hires out) was horrible - I will post more on that tomorrow...

Anyway, have a great evening and enjoy a few of our pictures from Rome! The one at night was in front of the Colosseum, but it made me laugh - hopefully, you will enjoy it too! The other pictures are: Brenna and Dustin in front of the Colosseum, Our family in the Colosseum, and Brenna on a piece of marble thousands of years old at the Forum - how cool!

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

OMG! How cool are your photos???? I am sooooo jealous! How awesome to see these structures that are thousands of years old! I love the one of Brenna on the slab of marble. If she only knew how old that stone really is! I was so happy to get to see you and talk to you today on Skype. It was really nice to hear about the beautiful interiors of the sites you visited. Again, still jealous, but at least I will get to view the pictures even if I never get there. Hope you guys get well rested from your trip.