Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14

Hello All!!

Today is post 99 - can you believe that!!! How quickly 100 has came (well, with tomorrow's post!). Brenna and I had a busy day with cleaning, baking some Moose Mud Muffins (we bought the book "Mouse, Cookies, and More" when we were in the States for Christmas - Brenna absolutely loves those stories and we just had to start trying the recipes in it), and playing "school". We walked to the store in a light snow, but by the time we had to walk Justice this evening, it was really coming down. Luckily, it didn't delay Dustin's flight.

I have German class for the first time since we have been back tomorrow - I know that my lack of studying is going to bite me back... It was just too easy to forget about studying and spend time with family and friends (sort of like the days of high school all over again). I think I have all my homework done, but this weekend (and going forward) I really need to spend some more time with my German. I'm sure that Brenna and Dustin will quickly pass me on their skills.

Brenna "read" several books to her stuffed animals today - that was really cute... (maybe I should have caught that on the camera today - but I didn't get the camera out at all). We also watched "The Wuzzles" on youtube - can you believe that you can find that show out there? Why were we watching "The Wuzzles" one might ask? Well, I have an old towel, that Brenna now has which triggered the "Let's see if we can find "The Wuzzles" on youtube". Yesterday, we even watched Floppy Dogs - I barely remember these in a cartoon, but really remember them as the stuffed animal. Anyone with a childhood in the 80s should really check out youtube. It is like getting one of those chain emails with a "remember when..."

Well, Dustin just got home, so I am going to call it a night!
Talk to you later and Take Care!