Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11

Hello All!!

First - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!! Hope you had a great birthday - sorry we are missing it (although with my stomach bug - I would be missing it anyways :-(

Not much going on here this weekend. We stayed in all weekend (I know that Dustin was really bummed about this), but we worked on potty training Brenna and with my stomach - not a good weekend for travels. Brenna did pretty well all weekend. She had a dry pull-up all day today until the end - so progress on getting to the bathroom. She still isn't asking to go to the potty, but not fighting it when I say it is time to go too much. Hopefully, with our quiet week this week, we can continue to make progress. Hopefully, Dustin and her don't get my stomach thing. Today has not been a pleasant day here :-( - especially this afternoon.

Brenna and I will be on our own on Tuesday and Wednesday as Dustin has to travel for work :-( At least it is only a couple days. In February, he has to travel to Turkey for a week - what a bummer... Brenna and I will need to invite some people over or something...

Well, my stomach is still acting up - hopefully, it will settle down for sleeping tonight...
Take Care!!