Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30

Hello All!!

Well, it was a quiet day here in Germany today. The weather was nice, but we didn't make it out too much...Sunny skies don't mean warm - and Brenna wasn't agreeable to riding in her stroller...I got these picture playing with her earings (thanks Margee!) - doesn't she look grown-up!
We tried to do some coloring, but Brenna wasn't really interested, she would rather paint instead. We had crepes for supper - that is one of Brenna's favorite and she ate 4 or 5! I bought her a new song on iTunes, "The Littlest Bird" - I got some video of her spinning - hopefully, you all will enjoy it. Dustin didn't like our song choice, but Brenna seems to like it. I heard it on a photographers website and thought it was kind of cool for a picture slideshow sometime.
No other cooking/baking - we are all still on a sugar high. Brenna is still doing pretty well on the potty - hopefully, she will fully get the hang of it soon!
I am really liking the availability of electronic books - Harlequin is actually letting people download 16 free books right now. Sorry that isn't exciting for most people - but it helps motive me to exercise (on my stationary bike) when Brenna is napping.
Well, that is it for today - hope everyone has a great weekend!
Take Care!