Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing well out there (although we heard that get well wishes are in order for Margee - we hope you feel better soon, all we can say is ouch!). Brenna and I had a busy day today - we cleaned the apartment this morning - man is there a lot of dog hair! We also painted, colored, and of course played in the kitchen. We made a two person size cake - we haven't tried it yet - we will give the verdict tomorrow (although we did go ahead and make frosting so I'm sure it will be yummy!). We made the two person size of the apple crisp yesterday - that was pretty yummy too! I love the little mug-um books that I bought a while ago!

Dustin is already out of town (in England). I know that he wasn't looking forward to traveling so quickly - hopefully, he won't come home too exhausted. He may be in Turkey next week - bummer!

Well, I think I am going to have another early night. Not sure what activities Brenna and I will be working on tomorrow...Maybe the tap shoes tomorrow - we didn't manage to get them out this afternoon.

Well, Take Care!