Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone is well! I think Dustin, Brenna, and I have been in a sugar coma all weekend from our cupcakes we made, lol :-) They turned out really well, and I can't wait to get a chance to make some more (although I think we better invite some friends over to share next time!!!).

Our apartment got a thorough cleaning today - I am done for all but the kitchen. I had hoped to get Dustin's help there, but he pooped out on me and went to bed already. Maybe Brenna and I will just tackle that tomorrow as it is getting late here. It was a very rainy day today (it actually made me miss the snow - especially when the dog came in with muddy feet on my clean floors)! The weather was nice enough yesterday that Dustin, Brenna, and Justice took a walk while I made dinner. We tried one our favorite recipes from the US and it turned out well - I think I am finally adjusting to the ingredients and food over here. I am trying to cook and bake with as many ingredients as we can obtain in Germany and France (the cupcakes were even a cake recipe made entirely from scratch!). I'm not sure how the Germans can cook without vanilla extract though - that may remain a mystery to me... I am going to try an angel food cake soon (although probably after our trip to Rome) - that should be interesting... I'm sure you all will hear how that one turns out.

Well, I suppose I should wrap things up for the evening - sorry no pictures from this weekend. I need to clean off the disc for our trip and didn't spend much time doing that this weekend.

Take Care!