Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28

Hello All!!

Hope everyone is having a great day today. Brenna was in a really good mood today (which is kind of surprising with Dustin being out of town). She had a bath today, painted and colored and helped in the kitchen. She was great on the potty today and she helped go to the store and walk the dog. Hopefully, she will sleep well tonight as well. The weather here was very nice today (sorry to everyone in Ohio with the snow and ice) - we took about a 30 minute walk with the dog.
We skipped kinder group - I was too tired this morning to go. Too bad we couldn't have went this afternoon...
Hopefully, you will enjoy our silly pictures from today. Our cake from yesterday turned out pretty well - although Brenna only ate the frosting on it (which got a two fingers up approval, lol)!! We made another one for Dustin - hopefully, I can get a picture of Brenna's decoration (and mine) before it is gone (no promises there - if Dustin eats it in the morning, it is gone!)
Take Care!