Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 19

Hello All!!

Hope everyone is doing great out there! Brenna and I had an on again, off again, on again day...hmm, what does that mean??? Well, she was her normal self, then a normal 2 year old, then her normal self, and then a 2 year old....We are so spoiled most of the time with her great behavior, that the tantrums certainly surprise and tire me... Even the German teacher we have has commented how well she does most days. Perhaps we have both spent too much time indoors lately with only each other for company, maybe the winter blahs, or maybe just one of those days???

Anyway, we had German class this morning, followed by watching some of Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang (which I have never seen before), playing in Brenna's room, making edible cookie dough (eggless), Brenna's nap, playing with our new tap shoes (THANK YOU to M.E. for my great pair), finding instructions on how to use our new tap shoes (this could be one of my new favorite websites - we'll see how Brenna and I do first - but so far the one video we have watched has been fun to try out), playing doctor with all of Brenna's stuffed animals, dinner (poor Dustin didn't make it home in time to join us :-( , and the grocery store...Sounds like we actually got a lot accomplished today??!!

We are going to France in the morning - we plan on looking around in town in the morning and then going to the great grocery store - Cora! That place is a super-super market - and I love that the French have a better selection of food :-)

Well, that is all I have for today - have a great evening (and weekend) - Dustin is off work tomorrow for Luk shutdown (he is off until Wednesday :-) - so we are planning several day trips in the area)...
Take Care!