Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, February 27

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. Happy belated birthday to my sister-in-law Karen today - sorry we missed posting yesterday (or emailing, or calling...). I don't know how I missed it as I have been watching the calendar all week and new that it was coming...

Brenna and I had a quiet day today - we tapped dance, played indoor shopping, watched Elmo's potty time (it seemed to inspire her today :-), watched Cinderella, and just played around the house. Dustin and I couldn't believe after her bath today that she counted up to 13 in English and then up to 9 in German (in the right order in both) - I wish she was as interested in her colors and letters as she is in the numbers. She is doing pretty good on her alphabet too - although if she is singing by herself she doesn't usually go past G.

We are off to Heidelberg tomorrow, so hopefully we will have some new pictures to post then :-)

Take Care!