Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone out there is having a great day. I've been having a case of the blahs lately (which is another reason for a lack of posts...). Not sure why I'm in a slump - but hopefully, it won't last long.

Dustin went out of town today - he comes home late tomorrow only to drive off on a long day trip on Wednesday. Bummer that he is traveling so much before we leave, but hopefully he will have a break before he heads back to the US. Brenna and I had german class this morning and then an early lunch. After her nap, we took the dog for his walk, went quickly to the store (it looked like it was going to storm all afternoon, but it really didn't do to much - but it is really humid and warm outside (o.k. - and in our apartment too, lol)), finger painted (what a mess my daughter was after that one - she put the paint on her arms up to her armpits...), and made some frosting peanut butter playdough (which I'm sure that Dustin will help eat when he gets home!). We didn't get a chance to play with the playdough - I gave Brenna a choice between painting and playdough and she chose the painting. But, I went ahead and made the playdough today (really, I was trying to clean out some items in the fridge before we leave in a little over a week - it is going to be bad for our family diet - but this stuff is really, really yummy - poor Dustin will have an empty fridge by the time we leave, lol).

I thought I would share a few more pictures from our weekend (and our day of cleaning last week). Brenna really loved my scarf on Sunday (she also really loves necklaces - most of mine get kissed each time that I wear them :-) - I wrapped it around her to get her to be in the picture - can you tell how beautiful she thought she was (and of course she is, lol - I love it when she does something and then says "I'm beautiful now..."). We had to take several pictures of Brenna's swan family - she loved them! I had to take a picture of Brenna's line up in the bathroom (can you tell that I always have too many products around the bathroom sinks!).
Well, I better get to bed! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Okay, I have to ask, why so many tubes of toothpaste???? is there a problem finding the open one around the house? Just kidding, but looks like something we would end up with in our bathroom too, crazy kids! Her smile in the one with the scarf is priceless, these beautiful girls!

DA&B said...

ha, ha - Brenna has two (can you believe that I forgot her toothpaste when we went to Venice??), I have way too many as you can see (not sure why - but hopefully some will be empty soon and we can downsize!)