Monday, July 27, 2009

Paris Tour De France

Hello Everybody, Amanda and Brenna are in the US at the moment, so it is kind of slow here. Definately missing them, plus had lots of work to do. I was able to go to the Tour de France finale in Paris yesterday. I took the train over in the Morning and back in the evening. It was a long day, but lots accomplished. I went over there with another American colleague and a German friend as well, so there was 3 of us. We started by climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor of the Eifel Tower. Then went over to the Tour and found a spot on the Champs de Elyses. I was second row to the race. At the finale, there are 7 laps and after 2 of them the person in front me left, so I got to be in the front for the last 5. It was great. Afterward, we went to the Cathedral Notre Dame and looked around. That was the completion of the day, when we arrived back in Strasbourg my friends car had a flat so we had to change a flat in the parking garage at midnight. Kind of funny. I have attached pictures of my day below.
Wish everybody well and miss all of you. See you soon.

View from the 2nd Floor of the Eifel Tower

Here is Contador in the Yellow Jersey

Just wanted to give an idea the magnitude of the Pelaton cycling through, very impressive.

The riders were extremely fast during the end thus the blurr above. The person in the middle with the blue and yellow jersey with black helmet is Lance Armstong (He placed 3rd, Awesome)


mikaysmom said...

Dustin, Awesome, awesome! I can't believe what a cool opportunity you had to take the train there and see the finale! Can't wait to hear more about the neat experience. BTW, cool pic from the eiffel tower!