Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 16

Brenna before her visit to kindergarten this morning. The next three pictures were taken by Brenna with my camera (it was on a tripod and she pushed the button down - she loved it and I think her pictures were good/comical). She also did a pretty good getting pictures of my shirt that I made :-)

Picture above (Justice drool on my pants - attractive look, don't you think!!)

We thought we would try to get Justice in the pictures - I think he pushed Brenna way out of the picture - but I still love her smile in the picture!

Brenna loves her fly swatter, lol!!

Hello All!!
Brenna had her visit to kindergarten this morning. I hadn't really thought too much about this until last night - like why we were having the visit when we had already been there to check things out with my mom. It finally dawned on me that they wanted to see how she would do by herself for a short amount of time before the real day in September. So we went this morning (she was really excited - the picture with the back-pack was the "Let's go already, Mom" picture) and I tried to ask if I should stay or go. The teacher said to go and she would call me if there were any problems, so I came back home and anxiously waited to see how she would do (not surprising, she did great!). I worked on an embroidery to pass the time and then walked back to get her (this exercise should be good for me in the fall :-) I was early (not surprising), so I killed a little bit of time with some extra walking time. When I got there, Brenna was outside playing with all the kids - riding on a tricycle - the teacher said she did great :-) I think Brenna will really like her teacher - she went right to her and even gave her a hug first thing. She was excited to show me the picture she drew for me - she had to show me right away! We went for ice cream afterwards to celebrate her day and she ate it in the park.
Before nap time, we had a picture marathon using my self-timer - hope you enjoy our pictures from that. The pictures also show my new shirt that I made - I think I did a pretty good job (as long as you don't look too close!). It is a warm day here today - hope the rain cools things off tomorrow.
I finished my towel for Mikayla too - I think I will save all the pictures of these until after I give the gifts out to the people I made them for!!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Love hearing that she did so well, can't believe your little girl is growing up!!! I love your top, that fabric is just one of my favs. Where did you get this pattern, too cute! Love your pics today, can't wait to see you guys in person!!!

heathmamagam said...

Love your top with the contrasting colors, and Brenna, you look FABULOUS!! What a couple of beauties. Love ya!