Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. Not too much went on today - Brenna and I baked a small (think mug size) pineapple upside down cake this morning (she loved helping with that) and then played with her stuffed animals (oops - we should have cleaned today - I'm a terrible housewife on that front...). She loves the pound puppies - so we had "adoption" day here with all her stuffed animals (and she included herself - did you know that my daughter thinks she is a dog at least 50% of the time? - it is worse when she is tired - all I get as communication then is "whining and whimpering"). We did some coloring - she was more interested in my page than hers (especially when my "treat" last night decided it didn't agree with my stomach and I spent a significant amount of time in the bathroom). At least I did get kisses from her for my ouchy tummy!!

It was rainy today, so we didn't spend a lot of time outdoors - just a short (really, really short walk) for the dog (but at least our rain boots are coming in handy! - best purchase I made over here - besides my cool new rain coat, lol). I was going to make french fries for supper, but my potatoes were shot (of course I didn't discover that until it was pouring down rain and 5:30)- so Brenna and I shared some soup and she had some cheese on her English muffins ("mom - I want pizza without sauce" - what is that??). Dustin wasn't too late, but went off to play volleyball (wished I would have realized he was going to do that earlier - I would have done my day a little differently...).

Well, I still have to do my German homework (although they are getting ready to end those for me :-( - gotta love the promises of "no, it won't be difficult to get your classes extended" (before we left the US), to "um, you can have 10 more classes and that is all we can do for you"... Can you tell I'm a little frustrated on that one...

Well, Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Bummer that the weather is rainy again. It's almost like it's London or something, don't they say it rains alot there? You'll find that as Brenna gets older, you will not understand all of her requests. Mikay recently said she wanted the shirt that went around her neck, um, don't they all???? we figured it out and so will you. Hope you have a good day tomorrow! Love ya!