Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday, July 1

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. Brenna and I had a busy day today - we cleaned up in the apartment first this morning (how can one dog have so much fur???) and then went to the pool to cool off. Brenna loves the little kid areas that they have at the pools and our small town has a nice one. The pool is only about ankle deep where the water runs down (from the top)- but fun for the kids as it has sprinkler and is on a hill so it has lots of little waterfalls (I know I'm not doing a great job explaining it). Brenna likes to go up and down the steps, but doesn't like to go near the sprinklers yet. We had a picnic lunch at the pool and then came home for naptime. We tried out a new waterproof sunscreen for the kids that goes on blue and then becomes clear - Brenna really liked that aspect of it :-) It was amazing how many naked kids we saw running around at the pool (most of them were little boys about Brenna's age) - glad she isn't too curious about that one yet, lol.

Brenna loves pretending to be a princess or a mermaid. Not sure that it is a compliment to always end up as Princess Fiona (for any Shrek fans out there) - but I'm pretty sure that Brenna intends it as one, lol :-) The weather continues to be warm here during the day, but at least it is cooling off at night and making sleep comfortable. Brenna is such a little warm body, I let her spend the day in the apartment in just her underware - (yeah - most days I am getting her to wear her underware :-) Hopefully, we will be rid of the pull-ups very shortly - she is only wearing them for bedtime right now and I don't think that she really even needs them then as she wakes up dry in the morning :-)

Well, Dustin is out of town, so it is just Brenna and I for the next few days.
Take Care!