Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here. The weather here is much warmer :-) Yesterday, it was all sunshine - I even walked Justice without a coat :-) This morning we had some rain - which worked out for my first quilt (it is all paper-pieced, such a fun way to make this quilt) - the top of the quilt is finally done - isn't it so pretty??? I made it to go in Brenna's room - I love all the great colors, but all she wants to look for in it is the pink right now. (I think she will really like my next quilt for her - I am going to try to make it more about the pink for her. I am re-thinking my butterfly quilt for her - I think I should put it on a pink background instead of my yellow fabric I bought, but I have time to consider that while I work on the pink quilt...). (o.k. - I will admit that I let Brenna watch TV this afternoon to finish it up - she was very patient with me to let me finish this up). I am amazed with all my sewing that I have been ambitious to do lately, although I do have to wonder why I stabbed myself with a pins twice with this quilt and none of my projects before that, lol! (yes, there was some blood that required a band-aid too - Brenna was very sympathetic - she of course wanted a band-aid to wear as well).
Yesterday, Brenna and I made a mug-em version of Pineapple upside down cake and homemade pizza. Brenna picked all the pineapple off, but ate the cake well (even with no frosting :0) and she really enjoys putting the toppings on our pizzas. Dustin was busy with a customer yesterday, so today is the first day Brenna has really seen him since Monday. They are playing in her room now (until bedtime :-)
Brenna and I stayed busy today with doing yoga and going to the playground - we should have got out some more with Justice to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I got caught up trying to finish the quilt. The weekend here is supposed to be rainy - not sure yet on any plans - I know Dustin would like to go somewhere (anywhere as long as it gets us out of the house for awhile :-)
Well, I think that covers some of our highlights!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Such a bright and cheerful quilt, go girl. and how can butterflies live in a pink sky, oh my! love that you are having fun piecing quilt tops. I really agree! Have a great weekend!