Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25

I am starting to think about putting together a photo book of our town for Brenna - it is amazing how quickly all our time is going over here. It also amazes me to think that the only lifestyle that Brenna remembers right now is living in Germany and how we walk everywhere. (and I really feel bad that she is looking forward to walking to school by herself someday, and that just isn't going to happen where we live in Ohio). Anyway, I love the view of our town - I will miss these hills this fall...

O.k. - get ready - today you are going to be treated to the world according to Brenna :0) I handed over my point and shoot and let her go to town on pictures (I apparently needed to clean off the photo card 1st - she filled it before we got to the top of the hill, lol) (you may need to click on these pictures of Brenna - I love her face in them :-)

o.k. - from here forward are all Brenna's pictures - I love how she captured the blue sky in so many (and it was pretty overcast today - so I am impressed that she found so much blue).
I thought my face looked funny here - hope it makes you all laugh too (o.k. - my eyes are kind of buggy, but we were having fun, lol)

Brenna and I both took this picture - if you make the picture bigger - you can see snow still on the hills in the background - won't be long before it is all gone
this dog barks at us all the time - I told Brenna to get a picture, and I think she did pretty well, lol.
our sidewalk - love the design :-)

I loved all the blue sky with my head in the picture - am I just too easily impressed by her vision???
Brenna taking a picture back at our house (it is behind the garden in the front) - I love her height perspective
spring flowers
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - enjoying the spring weather (it is supposed to turn to rain and cooler the rest of the week - bummer!). Brenna and I stopped for ice cream on our way home from Kindergarten again today - I think I am going to try all the flavors before we go back home at the end of the summer :-) I loved the conversation that Brenna and I had about that today - it went something like this:
Mommy - "So, Brenna what flavor ice cream are you going to get today?"
Brenna - "I am going to get the same one I got yesterday - vanilla. Which one are you going to get?"
Mommy - "hmm, I think I might have to try all of them, so I'm not sure which flavor I will try today"
Brenna - "Mommy, you can't eat them all - you will get a tummy ache"
(oh, and there was some misunderstanding in there about Brenna only hearing the I'm not part - she was actually upset that I might not have ice cream with her - wonder if she has figured out already that when mommy doesn't get any ice cream she tries to share hers???). So, we enjoyed sitting on our bench and eating our ice cream (I chose Snickers today - yum, yum, yum (it was last years favorite :-)

While Brenna was at Kindergarten, I worked on my quilting today - I got all of my small (3 inch) pinwheels done for the sashing, all of my trimming done, and one of my blocks (I bribed Brenna with TV to finish my 2nd one today - I know, bad mom there, but it was something educational and it was only for 45 minutes). I will share these pictures tomorrow - Brenna took some great pictures on our walk today, so I just had to share those instead.
Brenna is a little more sensitive these days - I blame it on Dustin being gone so much - I think she is missing having her Daddy time. I hope our upcoming vacation helps some :-)
Brenna and I also colored eggs today - she loves doing pink - it is her favorite :-) (she voted on eggs for supper tonight - can't believe she ate 4 egg whites (no yolks today - she decided she didn't want them...))
Well, I think that is most of our highlights! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Love her photos! I just love how cute your little town is, I'm sure you will miss it when you are back in OH. I think I may need to keep these pictures and have Brenna sign one, I think she's going to be a photographer one day! Love hearing about your day!

heathmamagam said...

Brenna, you are a good photographer already! I love the daffodils in the neighbor's yard! don't you? Yes, you should have ice cream and do your favorite things! Time does go too fast...