Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26

My latest quilting - I am so glad that I decided to do the quilt along with my mom and sister :-) I look forward to not only seeing my blocks, but the ones that my mom and sister do as well (by the way ladies - your blocks are looking great!). I love the color on these blocks - the pink fabrics is one of my favorites, but I only have a small amount left...

Brenna decided to help with me laying out my blocks. She wasn't sleeping here, just "play" sleeping (isn't she a good little actress). I layed out a piece of cream colored fabric and then proceeded to layout my quilts on the bed. (I actually started with the I Love you quilt in getting it layed out - in one of my many shots that I took, I could see Brenna trying to get her little toes underneath everything). So, here are all the blocks I have completed for the pinwheel quilt along - loving them :-)
Justice had to come in and check out what we were doing (sorry that you have to see my messy bedroom - when you always have clothes hanging up to dry, it always seems to look a little messier...)

Brenna with the crazy log cabin quilt (this one will be hers - I love all the bright colors :0)

This was before all the strips were sewn together - I sewed them together today - it looks so cute!
lol - Brenna looks like she is just waking up here to me, what a little actress. (I did decide based on the pictures, to move the lightest strip of I Love you to the middle instead of the bottom as it was here in the pictures).
before Brenna decided to join in :-)
Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there. We had a rainy, dreary day here in Germany today :-( Actually, the morning started off fairly sunny - I did take Justice out for a nice walk this morning and then Brenna went off to school (I should have expected that it would be pouring by the time I needed to pick her up as we went off without her rain coat this morning)... About 15 minutes before I planned on taking Justice out, the sky was very dark and then it poured - yuck, I decided the dog didn't really need his noon potty break today (mean doggy mom...). I hoped that after 20 minutes of pouring down rain, it would lighten up and I could go get Brenna without getting soaked - hmmm - no luck there - we had to do complete outfit changes when we got home (I did take umbrellas with me, but about half way home, Brenna said the heck with the umbrella, lets run - that lasted about 3 minutes and then I was a mean mommy trying to pull my daughter along home in the rain without our umbrellas - sigh) (Brenna even commented to me that I wasn't being very nice - hmm, guess I was a little short tempered as I just kept saying hurry up, hurry up...hopefully, she felt that I was nicer this afternoon - at least she didn't tell me that I was being mean again).

While Brenna was at school today, I worked on more of my quilting (I know I should have cleaned, but I am a total quilting addict right now - plus, I didn't feel like cleaning today). I got my three I love you blocks sewed together for Brenna's quilt - I think she is really going to like that one - I am making that one to match her room when we move back to the US (there will be curtains to match the quilt :-)
They posted at school today that they have had their first case of hand, foot, and mouth disease - yuck (it really makes me think about keeping Brenna home next week from school since we have our Ireland trip scheduled and then she is already off school for Spring Break the week after - but they are also having a field trip next week and the Easter Bunny is coming - I think I am just going to have to cross my fingers that she keeps washing her hands well at school and doesn't get it...)
Brenna and I did play her Nemo memory game today (actually played this time, most of the time she just likes to put the cards in the cardboard punch-outs that came with the game) - she was very excited when either of us made matches.
Well, I think that covers most of our highlights - we didn't make it out to take any more pictures today since it rained during our afternoon walk - Brenna was pretty bummed not to take the camera along - wonder how many days of pictures we will have this spring and summer - I think I may let her take as many pictures as she wants as I think it will be fun to have her pictures for her someday (and hey, they are digital - so other than computer space, they are "free").
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Girls, what lovely and colorful quilts you have there! Keep up the good work and love of quilting.! We are so please to see your works of art!