Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, March 4

Brenna's new summer skirt that I made for her - isn't it cute (o.k., I know I am so silly, but I am making myself a matching skirt to this one - but isn't the fabric wonderful??) I also made Brenna a corduroy skirt, but I still need to hem that (and she wasn't really in the mood to model for me). She was all smiles for some ice cream though - the ice cream is shaped like a dog bone (hmm, between the cookies we make shaped like dog bones and the ice cream, I don't think Brenna will ever think that Justice should have a treat in that shape, lol).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - Brenna and I have been keeping busy :-) (Unfortunetly, Dustin's job has been keeping him busy and he has just made it home for Brenna's bedtime the last couple days). I worked to cut out some of my projects on Tuesday (and I will probably try to finish cutting out all the linings today) - hope I can get these sewed soon (my March project list is longer than my time available - oh, bummer!). I was able to get two cute skirts sewed together for Brenna (wait a minute, these weren't on my project list...can you tell how easily I get distracted when I get my fabric out??). I had German class yesterday - my German language skills are very poor - I would think I would be doing better after 1.5 years here!
The weather is nice and sunny (although a little cool) - it feels like Spring will be on its way soon (and there a little flowers at the park already). Brenna is enjoying runs with me (hope my body holds up for these - I am feeling so old with my knee and other aches and pains) - she walked/ran to school today and I'm sure she will do the same on the walk home. It is good exercise in the afternoon when we take the dog out too (and I'm sure he appreciates some exercise).
Well, I think that is about it for the last few days! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Haha, it's no wonder she acts like a dog so much!!! LOL, but seriously, how cute is that skirt? I wished I had found some of that fabric when we went shopping, too bad you took it all! Can't wait to see your finished projects. I just love that you are the crafty person I knew you always were. I should start sending you my fabric to get my projects done too! Hope your days continue to give you good weather and fun!

heathmamagam said...

So, just take the hills that allow it, you won't feel old every day, I promise! Nice job on Brenna's new skirt, she has her own designer mom!