Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, January 9

Hello All!!
Hope everyone is doing well out there - we are doing good here - just time confused!! Brenna and I are still on U.S. time - Dustin is working to convert to German time - he is doing much better than we are, but was exhausted after working the last two days.

Potty training went pretty well today - she is doing great with pooping on the potty - still working on peeing (sorry Brenna!!!). But, she went on the potty 4 times today!! She loved getting her rewards - I think I'm going to need to find some Hershey Kisses or something at the store tomorrow! She loved the fruit roll-ups that we brought back from the States and is happy to get those for a reward.

With Brenna and I's short days, we are still working on getting everything put away. Most everything is in the right room, just not in its storage location! The landlord turned off the power when we were gone - so we lost everything in the fridge and freezer, so that has freed up some storage space in the kitchen right now. At least the fridges were pretty much empty when we left. Brenna and I played with her new paint brush pens from Crayola today - she loved them so I thought I would share a small picture of her artwork. If these have a good amount of paint in them, they will be a great activity for her as she loves them! I'm sure next week we will spend some time in the kitchen playing with her new kitchen stuff. Yesterday, she had her new Tupperware stuff and food out and she served on those!

So, as promised from yesterday - here are several of the projects that we worked on when I was in the U.S. I still need to get a picture of one of the aprons - maybe this weekend! So, one may be asking what we made - the pictures above are of one of the fleece skirts I made for Brenna (I made 3) - this is the only one with an embroidery, but I thought it turned out really cute; an apron for myself and Brenna that match - sorry it is so hard to see in the picture (thanks for modeling it and all your help, mom!); two coin sacs (mom and I had been dying to make these - they turned out really cute, but the zipper on the embroidery machine is a challenge); and matching aprons for my mom and I. I still have plans for one for you Renee (but I bought you some special fabric for your birthday - too bad it is so far away!!)
Anyway, that is all for today - Take Care!!