Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday, February 9

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing well out there. My waist line is telling me that I have been doing too much good baking lately - I'm going to have to cut that off soon! It seems that with all the cooking our kitchen is a constant disaster area...With as much heat as it generates, I'm sure we won't be doing much cooking/baking in the summer (unless early in the morning or late in the evening). I made the mock angel food cake (one in a 13 x 9 inch pan) - it was yummy - although Brenna didn't quite understand why there wasn't any frosting, lol. To use up the egg yolks we made pudding (butterscotch on the stove) and crepes today - I have found that both of these recipes work well with soy milk which makes me happy :-) Brenna couldn't wait for the pudding to cool all the way in the fridge, so she enjoyed it warm! Pretty soon, I'm going to have to send the food with Dustin to work or find friends to give it too!
Brenna and I painted with the Rose Art paints where you add water to them - she does really well with these, although sometimes she forgets to put paint on her brush and only uses water, lol. I'm sure we will run out of some of the colors on those at the end of this month.

Brenna couldn't wait to get another bath today - she is going through a phase where she loves getting in the tub. I didn't want her hair washed today - so hopefully, you will enjoy her impromptu shower cap! I braided her hair before bed yesterday - in case you noticed her hair when eating her cake!

Well, nothing much else to report - I need to work on her costume for carnival this week - not sure when the kids get dressed up yet, but I want to have it done in time...Brenna saw me looking at the pattern today and reported that she wanted to play in her dress - uh oh!

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Hello! Meant to comment yesterday, but ran out of time. I love the make shift shower cap, she looks like an indian princess! Thank goodness you have such a good eater on your hands! I'm sure she enjoyed the angel food cake even without the frosting! Trying something new this week-candy mold "lollipops" for Mikayla's Valentine's day. We'll see how that goes. she is doing well on the potty, just not the number two so well. Perhaps the girls need to talk to each other more!!!! Oh well. Miss you guys lots, love the recent pictures of Brenna and it was good chatting with you on Sunday.