Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 15

Hello All!!

Hope everyone is well out there (and hopefully had a nice Valentine's day weekend). Brenna had lots of fun this weekend with the fresh snow - she loved going down to the park to play :-)

We just stayed around here this weekend - not too much going on. We all had Gyros for supper on Saturday. It was the first take out food since we have been back in Germany :-) We had our typical Sunday night dinner of pizza today. Today was apartment cleaning day, so not much fun there (fun was not had by all - I think just Brenna!).

Brenna got her new "coloring" gloves yesterday with her Valentine gift of a Princess magazine. (some people have driving gloves - Brenna sees these as her coloring gloves - hope you enjoy). Her headband is her Princess crown - she likes to say like Mikayla!

Well, that is all for tonight - Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

And so it begins! I'm glad my little child's imagination is rubbing off on her cousin! We must have more time to help cultivate this wonderful imagination that they have. Mikayla was quite excited to talk with you on Saturday and loves her Valentine! The music does stick in your head as you suggested it would! I love the "coloring" gloves as you put it, nothing like coloring with your fancy gloves on, then maybe a driveby stickering! Well gotta go, missed you yesterday!