Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday, February 3

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing well - Brenna and I are trying to keep busy on our own this week. I am working on my German in the morning with Brenna - we are watching some our Disney videos in English with German subtitles. I think tomorrow, we will watch in German with the German subtitles...Hopefully, the more exposure we both get will help. We are going to need to find Cinderella in German soon - it is Brenna's current favorite...We played some games on Nick Jr. today (on the computer) - Brenna really enjoyed them and hopefully they may help with her counting and colors. Her favorite color is pink and she says it for everything...
Yesterday, I downloaded a program to put together picture items (like on Shutterfly) for here in Germany...It is really different to use, but I think it has some neat features as well. I will do at least one book and see how it turns out. The cost is pretty comparable to that of Shutterfly so that is good, and I think the time to do the book is about the same...

Brenna and I got her paints out today - hopefully everyone will enjoy those pictures :-) I put an old T-shirt of mine on her since we started at dinner time and I was in the kitchen... She thought that it was great, so I probably just lost one of my favorite T-shirts! The one with her tongue is from yesterday - she did not want her picture taken, lol. Can you tell the caps are hard to open (which is good when you are not ready for her to play with them yet!)

We got out for about 40 minutes on a walk with the dog this afternoon - he really enjoyed it and jumped all over the walker that stopped to pet him - grrr.... I wish that it was easier to control that, but with him and the stroller, I have my hands full... The person said she didn't mind though - the people here sure seem to love dogs!
Well, I gotta put Brenna to bed!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

What fun! I enjoyed all of the pics, but the one where she is struggling to open the paint pen is just too cute! Miss you all! Gotta get some of those paint pens, they look like fun! Glad to hear that the weather is still nice enough to take a nice walk. Still too chilly here!