Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30

This was my best picture of the Browns helmet - she was telling Daddy about the spider web in her room that she wanted him to get, lol - so serious...
(The inside of the Browns top is fish again - I think that fabric is so festive for the summer for Brenna - thanks mom)
Can you tell how much Brenna loves her dog - I love this pic - as Brenna says now "That's a keeper" (for anyone who hasn't watched Bolt - this is Brenna's new favorite line)

Hello All!!

I can't believe it is the last day of June and Brenna and I will be back in the US in less than 30 days :-) I had a busy evening yesterday of sewing and made Brenna 3 new tops for the summer (I'm not sure why I suddenly have the urge to sew - but at least I am using up some of my stash of sewing stuff). I tried out two new embroideries - the football helmet (sorry the picture isn't the best - Brenna doesn't like holding still, lol), but I think it is an awesome likeness to the Browns football helmet :-) (and I was finally able to get something very girly with Browns on it). The second was another funky flower - I really love those designs - Brenna has them on three things now - her pillowcase, her pillowcase dress (the irony), and now her new blue flowered shirt. Two of the shirts match shorts that my mom made while she was here, but also seem like they will go with other skirts that we have here as well. The Browns shirt and the Blue shirt (with flowers) are both completely reversible right now and are worn by tying together in the back (they are plenty roomy on Brenna right now - I think she will be able to wear these for awhile, lol). I think I have the best fit on the bear top, but that was after my frustrations of tearing out stitches (sometimes my mind doesn't meet with reality and at midnight my mind doesn't function as well as it should). I had the adventure of trying to get Brenna in each shirt today and asking her nicely (I mean bribe Brenna....) to put on each top and take a picture. The blue shirt was the first worn today (and her least cooperative time for pictures) - but she went to the store in it and the cashier said it was very stylish :-)
Brenna and I played doctor with all her animals this afternoon - it is amazing how much she loves her stuffed animals right now (I'm sure I didn't influence her at all, lol). She has went the last two days with no accidents (on the potty :-) She is still gaining confidence with the underware - not to sure about not having accidents in them - but hopefully we will be over that hurdle soon.
Well, I'm being called in to clean up Brenna's clothes...
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Looks like a mini super model...and a photogragher that knows her subject! Keep up the good work. Love it!! The tops look terrific!!!

mikaysmom said...

She's turning into a regular little mini you! I think your sewing projects look great! How fun that Brenna gets the benefit of it. I love hearing that she says these cute sayings! Can't wait to see you guys at the end of the month!