Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, March 15

My new quilt squares - block #4 (we have made 2 of each block so far, so I have 8 blocks done :-)

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - the weather is supposed to warm up this week :-) I hope the snow melts soon and I don't see anymore this year...

On Saturday, we drove to France for some shopping at Cora - the giant shopping store there :-) Brenna got a new swimsuit and a new pink spring coat - she was so excited that she wore the swimsuit as soon as we got home and then all day on Sunday too. I may have to hide it in her closet until the weather is warm enough for swimming for real... The swimsuit is cute - it is Strawberry Shortcake (with her French name), but then has words written in English on the front - how ironic! (can you tell that the weather here wasn't really nice enough to be outside - I am hoping we have better weather this coming weekend - maybe we can even make it up to Frankfurt for a day of sightseeing...)
I made some new quilt squares on Sunday for my quilt along - I love using my scraps from my previous projects here :-)
Brenna went to Kindergarten today - not to much fuss either (which was very good). I think she is happier when she can ride in the stroller to school and then walk together on the way home...
Dustin's ring was located and turned into the town hall :-) Brenna and I tried to pick it up today, but they had already closed for the day (o.k. - when I go back to work, I want a job that only works for 2 hours in the afternoon and closes at 4, lol). So, I promised Brenna that we could go together to pick it up tomorrow morning before school - maybe it can get her out the door at a decent time... (Brenna was so excited that the ring was found, we cut short Justice's walk today - poor guy - and then went back to the town hall to try to pick it up, only to discover that they had already closed - so then we had to call Dustin and tell him the good news :-) I think this story goes to show what a nice small town we live in over here - a person could actually leave there doors unlocked and feel safe and neighbors want to help one another - I will miss that when we leave.
Well, I think that is about it for today! Take Care!


The Bean's said...

that is awesome that the ring was found and that someone turned it in. AMAZING... :o)

mikaysmom said...

wohoo, love your bright colors in the quilt squares. Yay that someone in town found the missing ring and turned it in. what an awesome community you are in!