Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday, March 13

Brenna wanted to show off our rosey cheeks after the snowball fight at the park :-)

Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here. We are still hoping for some more Spring weather to come soon - the snow has stayed all week (as well as cold temperatures). Brenna boycotted going to school on Friday (and with the need to walk with all the snow, I didn't have many ideas to get her out and walking a mile to school - any ideas there???). But, she stayed and helped me with laundry, some sewing (she loves to "drive" the machine, and she does a pretty good job) (I was zig-zagging the edges on some new fabric for a quilt for Brenna), and some other cleaning. We colored some brown eggs that we boiled - hmm, I don't think we will do that again as the colors don't come out good at all... (I was impressed that we even made it until 2 pm before we turned on the TV - that is some feat in our house as we are all TV addicts here).

On Thursday afternoon, Brenna and I had a snow ball fight at the park - she loved how pink her cheeks were when we got home - isn't she too cute! We tried again yesterday, but the snow was slushier (the sun was shining yesterday even though it was still cold) and I wasn't too much in the mood to be out for long.
I ended up missing the parents meeting yesterday since Brenna stayed home - not doing much good for my German skills there :-( Oh, well - life will go on...
We made some roasted Broccoli this week as well as pizza. Brenna tried a couple of nibbles of the broccoli and said yum, but I don't want anymore (hmmm....). Brenna helped put all the toppings on the pizza yesterday - she had a good time putting all the toppings and did a really good job.
I started working on my original paper-piecing quilt again. I am hopeful that I may even be able to sew the top all together this week sometime (cross your fingers for me). I can't wait to have it all together and get a picture of it as I think it will be really cute. I also can't wait to see Brenna using it - I think it will be a great addition to her room someday :-)
Brenna has been busy "marrying" more of her friends - so cute to see what she wants to play at this age. Dustin has influenced the latest "prince" - Scott Celvin from the Santa Claus movies - too funny!
Well, I think that covers some of our highlights!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna, loving the rosey cheeks, and your smile! I'm glsd you are such a good helper to Mommy!