Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 29

So with all the snow outside, I decided to make some summery shirt inside. I think the shirt turned out pretty well (and should be very nice this summer if the days are hot :-) Brenna loved directing me for the pictures - she had me go in the kitchen for one picture and also had me put my purse on for a picture, lol. I had to include the picture below - when she saw it, she said "Mommy, I cut off your head" (she has been doing pretty well with the pictures, so I can understand why she was surprised, lol).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Brenna is down with the stomach bug here (oh, bummer - just when I thought I was going to complete a project between yesterday and today, I am cleaning up vomit instead - yuck!!). Brenna got sick around 10 last night (and lucky for me (lol), I wasn't tired yet and stayed up with Brenna until about midnight. (What an awful time to get sick, I needed to throw the sheets (and her) in the wash, but with the 10 pm no shower/noise thing, I had to wait until this morning - yuck, yuck, yuck). O.k. - I have probably described enough of our yuckiness here - cross your fingers that Dustin and I don't get it to - I know that I am. Brenna and I ended up sleeping in the living room (so that the smell could air out of her room) - not so comfy, but it helped her get settled down for the night.

Yesterday and today we have snow coming down (although it seemed like the amount of snow yesterday was more - today is wetter and more drizzly). Brenna had a lot of fun walking home in the snow - she worked to catch snow flakes on her tongue (which was very easy with how hard it was snowing) and also made a few snow angels along the way. I was glad that I had stopped and picked up paper towels at the local store in the morning as they really were needed last night (o.k. - enough about that subject....). I worked on a new pattern (although one that was in my project list - I even thought about making it while in the US for Christmas) - I think the look is very flattering, but I still need to get into better summer shape. The only things left to finish are the arm holes and the hem :-) (hopefully, I can finish that after Dustin gets home today :-) I missed all the notches on the pattern pieces, but luckily they weren't too important for this pattern (I had never seen just a small line drawn on the pattern pieces before). The pattern writing wasn't great, but now that I have made one and understand it, it shouldn't be a problem if I want to make this pattern again in the future (plus, I already have all the pattern pieces for my size traced - not something that you find me doing very often, lol). I thought I was doing pretty well with all my sewing until my invisible zipper foot didn't fit my machine - I ended up using the dog paw nail cutter (basically a Dremel with a cut out for the dog nail) on it to file away some of the front plastic (although I guess it was more useful there than on Justice's paws - he doesn't let me use it on them). (hopefully the foot will last the rest of the time that I am here - I don't really want to have to find another one over here!).
Well, I think Brenna is waking up from her nap! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

So you're crafty and handy at fixing things all in one day! I hope that the little princess gets over the bug soon. I hope that no one else gets it, but you know how easily some of these things are to catch. Like the shirt. Very cute pattern and flattering! Can't wait to see more! She's still doing a pretty good job with her picture taking. Reminds me of one I took of you wearing my apron you made! Love you!

DA&B said...

lol - I know - I thought it looked like she cut off my head on purpose (like a lot of the fashion shots you see out there, lol)