Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 27

One of Brenna's pictures of me from this morning - I thought it was only fair to share one :-) She took some pretty good ones, but the apartment was showing up pretty dark in the first few. Anyway - the brown pants are the "4 year" pants that are finally done - I even wore them to walk to and from Kindergarten today :-) (Do you ever have those projects that once they are finished you say - hmm, that isn't the most flattering item in my wardrobe - this is one of those - sorry!).Brenna before school today (and before all of her layers for outdoors). It was in the 20s today (which is colder than the 30s we had been having). Hopefully, it will warm back up soon!

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there! Not too much new to report on our day today - we had German class (and Brenna's field trip for "Dirty Thursday" - is mostly about the opening of Carnival celebrations) and Brenna had school (although we didn't make it out the door early enough and my German teacher arrived at my house before I was back). We also did some painting and cut out some alphabet letters. Dustin is working late today so Brenna was sad not to see Daddy this evening...

Brenna made snow angels at the park yesterday and today - she just loves plopping down in the snow and making them! (I don't think Brenna was too happy with my hat choice for her for school today - I put on an old spiderman hat from my parents - only her eyes were exposed, but it kept moving on her head so that it was hard for her to see (plus, lots of people commented on it - including her friends at school - wonder if she will wear the hat again this winter now, lol)).
Well, I think that covers today - I guess I will be off to an early bedtime today - so tired with all this snowy cold weather here - just makes me want to curl up under the covers!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

There's not much that you wear that doesn't flatter your nice figure! They still look nice and comfy! I can't believe you made her wear that spiderman hat! I'm sure she was most disappointed because it kept blocking her vision. You should at least get creative here, LOL and have something girly for her, is she dressed like the little boy in a christmas story??? Ha, so it's colder here to, we kind of liked our warm up, it was nice not to have to bundle up so much! I think you have a budding photographer on your hands, good angle!