Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 31

Our day in the snow :-) Below - our snow covered street (I haven't heard any snow plows since yesterday - I think they are only working on the main roads now). (Brenna is hiding behind one of the snow piles next to Dustin)

Our beautiful snow covered park
The town hall (or here the Rathaus) - I wanted to take a picture of all the signs on it - they are up for carnival - they show what some of the costumes for Carnival will look like if you are curious.
Brenna at the park
I took several pictures of the snow covered cars and this one reminds me the most of Germany over here - if you look closely you can see that the windshield wipers are up - smart idea over here and very common to see on the cars if there is bad weather expected).
Picture from our sled riding adventure - on a clear day (or clearer day) you can see the Black Forest in the background - with all the snow today it is pretty hazy. If you look closely you can see the church in the background (about 1 mile away) - that is where Brenna goes to Kindergarten every day.
Going up the hill :-)
Brenna decided it was my turn to sled - I didn't get to far :-) (but don't you love the effort!) (I got plenty of dog kisses to with the sled sitting - Justice thought it was time to be all over me at that point)
Don't you love how much it was snowing when Dustin was sledding with Brenna!

I thought this one of Justice was kind of funny (more so the next one) - when he is very excited, he thinks he should be in charge (and would like to take the lease and walk himself where he wants to go)
Justice trying to catch snow flakes (or more likely his leash, lol)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. We are recovering from a stomach virus here (I bet you can't tell that with our sledding adventure from today). Brenna had the bug on Thursday night and I woke up with it on Saturday morning - we are crossing our fingers that Dustin doesn't get it too. I was a bum yesterday with it - I didn't move much all morning (how comes when Brenna had it she recovered so much quicker?? - you wouldn't have known from looking at her on Friday that she was sick the night before).
Our landlord let us borrow his sled, so we went out to the street behind our house (where the monument is to World War and a nice size hill) and had fun going up and down there. So, anyway, with all the pictures today, I am going to keep the writing short and let the pictures and video speak for themselves on the fun we had today :-) - Brenna and Dustin sledding down the hill - Brenna and Dustin making snow angels


heathmamagam said...

Oh, what great fun in the snow there. We can see Justice was in his happy place for sure! What wonderful memories of Germany.

Tracy S said...

awesome!!! looks like you guys had a great time even though you weren't feeling the greatest. snow sure is fun!!

mikaysmom said...

What fun! I loved all of the pictures. I'm sure you and Dustin were tired after all of your sledding! I do wonder, I don't see anyone else sledding-perhaps the Germans thought you were those crazy Americans! You all looked like you had fun, even Justice! I'm sure he would have loved to go down the hill with Brenna! Brenna looked like she was having a blast! What a great memory!