Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20

Brenna's new princess dress :-) The fabric has glittery sparkles over the whole fabric - hard to photograph well here, but you can see it in a few of the pictures. (This was pretty much all my own design too - I think it looks pretty good on her (although she could wear a sack and look adorable, lol)). Below - I bribed my child with eye shadow and lip gloss for a smile (this is good for me too as it uses up my blue eyeshadow that I am not ever going to wear and she loves it, lol).

Yummy Linzer torte - the packaging almost looks to good to open (amazing the German teacher told me that shelf life on this stuff is really good to - it can last a couple months she said just on the counter :-)

Brenna and Justice hanging out together - she kept squinting her eyes with her smiles today, but I thought they still looked cute together :-)
Brenna asking Justice if he wants her to read to him :-)
Before I moved them closer together - I was surprised how well he stayed for me - that isn't his strong suit, lol!

Brenna with her Christmas book - the Aristocats (which we then had to watch the movie today too, lol).
Starting into the pictures with the reflection on her face - bummer that the dress does that with a flash - but hopefully, I will have lots of opportunities to see her in her princess dresses. She was "Bippity, Boppity, Bo - changing the dog into her prince" (which also happened to be part of our story from our walk home today - we made up several stories today - she was getting pretty good by the time we got home :-)

Looks like she was twirling a little for me here :-)
My attitude picture here - this was the face she gave me when I told her that she couldn't go in the dog crate with Justice with her dress on! (Don't you love her tights and shoes!)
Brenna starting to go into the crate before I told her she couldn't with her dress on. I also thought it was a good picture of the back/side of the dress - I think the straps just going down the back was nice, but Brenna liked it tied in a bow.
Brenna pretending to sleep with Justice on the floor - she looks pretty realistic!
Brenna loving her dog!
I loved this picture of her hugging Justice - I'm not sure if I can tell who missed who more (from when we were gone at Christmas). The picture below was from this morning - notice I just have the top of the dress done (and I didn't think it was going to have the skirt ride as low as it does on her - but for a costume, it looks pretty good!)
Brenna being silly this morning with her top on :-)
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things are good here - hoping that Dustin comes home soon (I am so tired that I probably won't still be up when he comes home in about 45 minutes (if his flight is on time)). I made one of the dresses that I planned to make for Brenna yesterday and today (started yesterday and finished today - I love quick projects :-) Hope you enjoy all the pictures from our photo shoot around the house, lol! I didn't realize there was so much reflection from the trim that I put around the top of the dress - it looks so cute on her though!

I had German class today and my teacher brought me a recipe of hers that I asked for (yummy chocolate Linzer torte) and a torte too :-) I hope when I make it that it turns out as pretty as hers did - hope your mouth doesn't water too much when you see it, lol!
Well, since I put up so many pictures today, I am going to call it quits for today! Hope you like my new dress I made for Brenna - I sure do! Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, the girl and her dog are having so much fun, and looking good, too! Great job on the new and fancy dress, Mom! Hope the torte is something we can reproduce inthe States! !

mikaysmom said...

Love all the modelling she did in her new dress. Such a cutie and what a cute dress! It must be nice to have a dog so willing to let her be so close and lay on! Can't wait to hear how the torte tastes, it did make my mouth water since I hadn't had breakfast yet when I read this post! Love you guys!