Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 18

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! It has been a rainy weekend here in Germany (bummer - it melted away all the snow and now we are back to mud!). (I don't know which one I would prefer - snow or mud - I think the snow as it is easier to clean off Justice's paws (although I certainly did not appreciate falling on my butt last week in the ice, lol)). We celebrated Justice's birthday on Friday (I know we were late, but we were in the US without him on his birthday). I had looked at making some kind of treat or cake just for him, but we ended up making monkey bread (in individual servings - very cool - made in cupcake holders (we used our silicone ones that worked extremely well)) and just giving Justice a dog treat (but he did get lots of singing done for him!).

Happy belated birthday to Dustin's Grandma - her birthday was on Saturday - hope you had a great day - we were thinking about you!

We did some shopping and cleaning on Saturday and then we stayed in all day on Sunday. We are working to organize some things for Brenna here so that she can get to her costumes more easily (amazing how much dress-up stuff she has now!). Brenna got some really cool new stuff from H&M on Saturday - can't wait to share (and take) some pictures of Brenna with her new stuff.

We are getting closer to the correct time over here - Brenna was actually up at 7 this morning (if not before that) - so hopefully we are almost there. Brenna has been moving over to no naps, so we have lots of changing going on with that!

They are gearing up already for Carnival here - I think everyone is getting anxious for Spring (I know that I can't wait for it now - I am so ready to pack up winter items!). (I plan on Brenna wearing one of the costumes she already has, but I really do need to get busy making her one out of the pink fabric I have - I can't wait to see it on her!).
So, what is with my picture today? I thought I would leave you guessing until the end! Turns out the Tic Tacs that Brenna and I have become addicted to over here (the Pina Colada flavor) is being obsoleted (at least it is much harder to find now). Brenna and I have been buying up all that we have been seeing and now have a nice little tower of Tic Tacs, lol! (How crazy am I that the first pictures I have really taken since being back in Germany are of Tic Tacs?!!?)
Well, I think that about covers it for now!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

I forgot about the picture until you brought it up again at the end of your post. Sounds like a good flavor. Who doesn't like Pina colada? Can't wait to see more as we get closer to carnival! What a fun time over there!