Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, January 7

o.k., I have to share some of the pictures that Brenna took with my camera at Dustin's parents' house. The above picture and the next four were taken by Brenna all by herself (no assistance from any adult - I swear!). I think she is going to be a pretty good photographer someday (she isn't too bad already with my little point and shoot - her only problem was trying to touch the front lens). In the first picture above, she was only trying to get me as I was making the funny face. The next one she tried to get us all - she was almost there!

Her very first picture of the series - not too bad (sorry guys for sharing the early morning shot!)
I love how she has this one so well centered!
Brenna is loving dress up - maybe we can find some more of these hats and sunglasses for the adults for her dress-up birthday party!
Brenna and Gammy looking good together :-)
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Days are flying by quickly here! Every day I can't believe how fast our time has went - hopefully for everyone the next amount of time will go quickly before we are back in Ohio this fall. (o.k. - enough reminder for everyone!)
So, we packed up yesterday and drove back across Ohio. My grandparents came over to visit and Brenna had a chance to play waitress with them (she makes a pretty good little waitress - my mom and grandma started laughing so hard they started to cry, lol!). (also funny is that she didn't have any real play food, plates, or cups - she used magnets, curlers, and wooden blocks!) Dustin needed to drive up to Detroit area for a meeting today. Hope all goes well with that and the weather stays clear for his drive back here (and for Renee's drive too - thanks for letting Dustin come up and stay over night :-)
Hope you enjoy some of our fun pictures! Sorry we didn't make it to visit everyone with this trip - ours days always go too quickly! If we didn't make it, hope to see you in the fall when we are back!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

No doubt that the days are flying by since you have been to visit. Just trying to get to see you has been a test of where you are and when! Love all of brenna's picture, she really focused on the people or person she was taking the picture of, I'm sure she'll take after her mommy and be a great photographer. Wish I could have been around to see her play waitress. Sounds interesting. I love to see how kids choose to play with toys and how they can imagine what a block or curler can be. Thanks for sending Dustin up to keep me company. I'm sure I talked his ear off! I hope the weather holds out and we all have safe travels. I hope that we get to spend some quality time together this weekend before you leave, such a bummer that it's went so fast! love ya!