Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello All!!!

Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone has had a great new year so far! Can you believe we are starting a new year and our final year in Germany?? 2010 seemed so far away in 2008 when I started the blog....

Well, what has been going on for the last few days??? On New Year's Eve, we all turned in early and didn't see the ball drop (although Brenna woke up at 12:45 to welcome the new year in with a bathroom visit, lol). We packed up and drove over to Dustin's parents' house on New Year's Day and we have been very busy celebrating the new year and Dustin's mom's birthday. Once we arrived at Dustin's parents, they were waiting for the Rose Bowl to start to cheer on the Buckeyes (yeah Bucks!). Brenna was wound up from no nap, so Brenna and I ventured out to the movie theater to watch The Princess and the Frog together. Brenna really enjoyed the mommy and her time out and enjoyed a large bag of popcorn :-) (well, what do you expect when it was our first movie at the theater together - Brenna had already went to a movie in August, so she was already an experienced movie goer and knew that she wanted popcorn :-) I proceeded to spill a bunch on the floor when we arrived at our seats, but the theater was empty so that was great to enjoy the movie with Brenna. (Renee, you are going to have to try to take Mikayla to that movie, I think she would really enjoy it too ;-)

Yesterday, we went to Columbus for a nice lunch together and Uncle Rusty brought a delicious birthday cake (of course, Brenna wholly approved of the frosting, lol). We walked around the mall after and Brenna was treated to a new pair of sparkly pink shoes from Gammy (she loves them so far - Thanks Gammy!). Dustin and I had a chance to see the movie we have been wanting to see together while his parents babysat for Brenna (thanks again!) (I thought we were going to be the last people to see New Moon in the theaters, but it was still a full theater!) We both really enjoyed the movie (hmm, that may be a first for both of us to really love a movie together, lol). Columbus was having a bad snow storm as we left so that wasn't much fun to drive in, but Dustin did a good job and we got home safely :-)

Well, I think that about covers it! Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

So great that you all got your movie time in, guess we are so used to being away from the city and its benefits. Come home and help eat some fudge! love to all

mikaysmom said...

Ha, we saw the Princess and the frog too, I guess great minds think alike! Mikayla thoroughly enjoyed the movie and popcorn! She eventually shared some with Daddy and I got the very end of the bag when it was too salty! Wonderful movie. Amanda, I got the soundtrack since Mikayla was dancing at the end to the music. Very cool! Hope you guys enjoy your last week here in the states. Too bad I'm missing spending time with you all! Take care and Happy New Year!