Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, January 8

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Today, I need to work on reorganizing stuff again (that has been the biggest pain this trip - pack, unpack, repack, pack, unpack, get the picture, lol) - but hopefully today will be the last day for that! Cross your fingers that I can fit all our stuff in 3 suitcases and not 4 for me :-)
Happy birthday to Zach today - hope you have a great 1st birthday! (Your family picture was the best picture I had of you guys, lol - maybe I should wish Jackson his happy birthday too, but I'm going to try to remember to put the wish up on his birthday :-).
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Amanda, that's such a nice picture of Eric and Karen's family! It's hard to believe that Zach was born just a year ago! I hope that you have a break from the reorganizing, I get your picture of how unorganized you feel! I'm sure that you can take on the challenge of fitting everything into 3 suitcases, you are such a great packer! Well, the papers are signed and we are now at least not homeless!

Karen said...

Koodos for getting everyone to look at the same time and look somewhat happy! Hope you are having a safe should be in the air right now.