Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! We are back in Germany now - the flight was fairly smooth - a short delay departing Detroit and then we waited what seemed like forever to get our luggage in Germany. Brenna used the potty no problem on the plane (thanks Renee for the Dora seat covers, while she didn't really need them on the plane, she did use them 2 or 3 of the trips to the bathroom). The bathroom was on a lower level on the plane for us, so that was a new experience that I think Brenna really liked. (by the way, the delay in Detroit sucked from the standpoint that Brenna is still really upset by the autoflush/split seat toilet seats - but she kept saying she didn't need to go and she would just go on the plane - about 30 minutes before the flight she was getting very wiggly, but she managed to hold it until we were on the plane). We stopped at one rest area on the way home and Brenna did potty there, so hopefully, it won't take as long to convince her that the toilets in Europe are better than the US. (Sorry for all the rambling here - I am sleep deprived, but trying to stay awake today until it is time to go to sleep for the night). Brenna got the best sleep on the plane - I think maybe 3 or 4 hours. Dustin didn't get any - hope he can catch up on his sleep soon before he is back traveling! Not that the security person at the Detroit airport will ever read this, but thank you for finding my missing necklace that was left behind by us! I would have been devestated if it was lost forever (or course, I blamed Dustin as he was the one unloading all the bins, why I didn't put the necklace in my bag - who knows - but they found it and brought it to our gate :-)

Thanks for taking us to the airport Renee - missing you already - just think that the next time we are home it isn't just for a visit trip, but to come back and live! Hugs to all the family and friends we did and didn't get to see on this trip - we are thinking of you all often!

Happy Birthday Jackson! Hope you have a great day!

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

I'm glad the dora seat covers came in handy. That little thing must have a bladder of steel! I'm so glad that you guys are safe and sound, tired I'm sure. Can't wait to talk to you so I can hear more about how the trip went and all. Mom and I were thinking about you around 7. I hope the wait at the airport wasn't too bad! At least next time, you will be back for good. I'm wondering who will be picking you all up, but I'm hoping it gets to be me! At least we'll have a new house to show off-I hope! Missing you lots, thank you for the words of support to get me through my stressful time!

heathmamagam said...

So glad you are all back safely. Thank you Dustin for installing all the computer updates and Skype! I hope you all know that Gammy can get very used to having you stay with us. Next time we see you it will be warm out again, good for me! love to all