Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, March 27

Hello All!!

It is finally Friday - yeah!!! (Although Dustin isn't getting home till Sunday...)

The weather has been very rainy here - I even convinced Brenna to ride in her stroller twice yesterday so as not to get too wet (it was more about the mud at the park for me - it is hard to get us all cleaned up once we get back to the apartment). We also made a run to get new toothbrushes - they cleaned the chimney yesterday (I met a real life chimney sweep - but forgot to shake his hand for all you Mary Poppins fans). It made a big mess in our bathroom - lots of soot everywhere. Lucky for me, Brenna loves to help clean so we worked together on it and got it looking better.

We spent some time dancing around the apartment yesterday to wear out some energy - I don't know how Brenna spins around so much and doesn't fall down (although she always looks like she is about to stumble into something!!). We are going to be traveling for Easter so I'm not sure when we are going to do the whole basket thing for Brenna - I bought her colored (and already cooked) eggs yesterday - SHE LOVED THEM!!! I already knew that she loves to help open the eggs (we have boiled eggs frequently), but she really thought the colored ones were a special treat - she ate 3 of them! The colors were very bright - they sure are pretty!

Well - our pictures today are of 2 more German letters for Brenna - our D word is die Dose (can of corn) - sorry the picture wasn't very interesting - Brenna does not want to be in my pictures right now... E is for das Ei (egg - the plural is easier for me to remember over here - die Eier). Also thought you might enjoy a picture of Brenna's bedhead - she is only upset in the picture because I was taking her picture, lol!!!

Well, take care!


mikaysmom said...

Fun, fun! I can't believe how bright the egg is! I wish I could get mine that bright! I really hope the weather could get better for you. Can't believe that you met a real life chimney sweep, how cool! Sounds messy though.