Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6

Hello All!!
Hope everyone is doing well out there. Things were pretty quiet today - all day inside as the weather outside was dreadful - snow/rain mix all day - yuck!!! I can deal with the snow much better than the rain - hopefully, we will do better once it is warm rain, lol!!!
Brenna was back to her "normal self" today, although no nap today... We did some indoor "shopping" - it amazes me how much she picks up on our daily routine/lives... I think she is almost ready to do the shopping herself now, lol!!

We both had to have our red shoes on today (she loves these shoes so much that more than once she has gotten out of bed so that she could sleep in them, lol!!) - hope you enjoy our picture there... Also, she let me take a "squishy" picture of us today - hopefully it will make you smile (o.k. - it isn't a very good picture, but what can you do...)
Well, I need to get busy with the rest of today's housework and getting the apartment ready for friends coming over tomorrow.
Take Care!