Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25

Hello All!!

Sorry I have been MIA these last few days. Dustin left for Australia on Monday (yuck - a 22 hour flight), so Brenna and I are on our own until Sunday.

Brenna loves the nice days here as it gives a chance to go to the park. She is no longer afraid of the slide and loves going up and down it. She also loves going around to go up and saying "One more time" (although she doesn't really mean one more time...). Hopefully, we can get a picture of her on the slide sometime - the joy on her face is great!

Brenna is in love with her "girly" shoes right now. She even slept in her shoes last night - she was very excited to see them on again this morning!!! Dustin has rubbed off his movie tastes on Brenna and her favorite movie right now is The Santa Claus (any of the 3).

Well, we are off to bath time this morning. Not sure if we are going to go out in the rain today or not - I'm sure Brenna would really enjoy kinder group though...

Take Care!