Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, March 9


No mom, I'm not sharing my cake with you...

Ta, da!!
Before haircut!
Hello All!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there....I've continued with my trend on being a day late on birthday wishes - Happy Birthday Cole - hope you had a great day!! We celebrated over here with two different kinds of cake - Angel Food and Yellow Cake (with chocolate chips)... They didn't look as great as your birthday cake though!!

I was brave today and trimmed inches off Brenna's hair - Dustin didn't feel well when he got home and didn't even notice. He is off to bed already - bummer for Brenna and I not to get any of his time this evening :-( Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow - he is off to England on Wednesday night (just an overnight this time :-)
Brenna was a willing model in her princess crown (for pictures!) - hope you enjoy those :-)

We had German class today, I really need to focus some major attention there... Dustin is much better at talking in German than I am - I am understanding more, but really suck at talking it.
Well, that is all for today - Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

Beautiful Princess! Gosh, I can't believe how gorgeous she looks. Mikayla would love to be playing princess right now with her. Too bad dustin is not feeling weel. I can't believe how much traveling he is doing. How crazy! I missed Cole's birthday too, so I'll have to send him something ASAP. Can't wait to see the new hair cut on the little princess!