Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18

Hello All!!

Hope everyone had a great day today. We had beautiful weather here today - sunny and warm all day :-) I even put the clothes out on the balcony to dry today :-)

Brenna and I had another craft day today - finishing up things from yesterday... We made two Brenna sized shopping bags - they turned out really cute - wish I had one!!
We used the pink one today - it already has road dirt on it as we took it to kinder group too! I really like the second one I made - it is the one with the purple train and pink plane - I had to make them somewhat girly - I think they look great! I put the words on in English and German as Brenna is getting interested in letters and words and I figured more was better!! The bags are completely reversable - but the embroidery sides are obviously my favorites!! (I kind of felt like I should embroider both the inside and outside, but wasn't that ambitious, lol)! The rabbit is out of furry fabric - not sure that I will do that again soon on a applique - what a furry mess!! The pink bag has ribbon handles (I managed to melt one - had to rip it out and redo - note to self - hot iron and polyester ribbon not a good combo) which made the project super easy, but the straps I made for the second were easy too (I used the ribbon as the guide as I liked the width and length!). I'm sure going through my fat quarter stash (although Dustin will tell you that we could use a fabric purging!!) I even designed the patterns for these myself - I should have written down all my dimensions though - oops! The bags are pretty similar to our big shopping bags - only these have a lining (our real ones don't) and the size is better for Brenna. We even shopped in the house this evening!
We had pizza for supper - yummy - although I'm not sure how my mom always made perfect pizza...Mine always tastes good, but sometimes the crust is better than others - today was a good pizza day - everything was perfect!
We don't change time until the end of the month - so it is really nice to only have 5 hour difference :-)
Well, I better get my German studied (the bags count right, lol...) and get to bed!
Take Care!