Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday, March 21

Hello All!!

Hope everyone out there is doing well! Things were quiet here today - just working on getting the apartment cleaned up, enjoying the spring weather and running errands (before Dustin leaves for Australia). Brenna and I made it to the playground this morning (poor Justice didn't get to go as it started as a trip to the store...) - she loved going down the slide and on the merry-go-round (she calls it her truck because there is a big "steering wheel" in the middle that you can use like in the teacups to spin it). She couldn't wait to wear her new coat today - looked pretty silly on the sunny day with her rain coat and rain boots - but she has her own sense of fashion. Brenna is getting great use of her horse rain boots - they are her current favorite footwear! Brenna enjoyed our shopping outings, but didn't take a nap today - so she wasn't as well behaved as we would have liked this evening (as I'm sure all parents understand, lol). I found her a German vtech "laptop" computer - she loves it and I think it will be good for her and I on her German. Also found a book that will read the whole story aloud (the Lion King) - also good for our German :-)

No picture of our C word today - I think I will wait until I can get one with Brenna and her "laptop" - C is for der Computer in German, lol!!

The weather is supposed to turn to rain after tomorrow - of course since Dustin will be gone all week and we are on our own (not good to be stuck in the apartment too much either)...Hopefully it won't rain the entire time he is gone!

Well, that is it for today! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Sounds like you two had a good day. Too bad for Justice as I'm sure he enjoyed the merry go ride! Can't wait to enjoy Brenna's fashion sense in person, just like her cousin! We had to tuck our socks into our pant legs last week, so I don't see anything wrong with rain coats and boots on a sunny day! Wearing gloves and coats in the house, etc. it's all just a lot of fun! Can't wait to chat with you guys again soon, although I think the kids get more chatting in that you and I! Hope to see some more pics soon, I've got a few to send you too! Miss you!