Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday, March 5

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. It was a cold, rainy day here today :-( We had German class this morning and then we played inside all day... Brenna is really getting curious about letters and her name (in print) - she recognizes what letters are, but doesn't recognize which is which yet... She loves the PBS show Super Why, and it seems to me that it is good when we are watching it together (we only have it in itunes so we watch that together on the computer). Brenna knows her whole alphabet and at nap time and bed time she will have her stuffed toys (especially Elmo) use the potty and then wash their hands. We always sing the alphabet during hand washing and she does too for her animals. Dustin works with her more on her numbers than I do, but overall she seems to be doing well and getting them in order.

I trimmed her bangs last night - maybe one of these days I will learn how to trim them well, but I don't think they are too bad (at least not horrible and they grow quick). Brenna had a terrible two moment yesterday at the end of kinder group - we just packed up and left since it was the end - she normally does really well there, but she didn't like not getting her way with me... Overall she had played with two of the older girls - she loves all thing kitchen and they had waffles to eat (which she also loves). Brenna refused to have her picture taken for the group shot (shock and surprise), but the other moms didn't push it (so neither did I).
It is supposed to rain here all weekend, bummer - I am ready for sunshine and warm...
Well, that is all for now - Take Care!