Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday, June 19

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. We had a busy day here yesterday (and a tired one too - I spent way too much time in the sun yesterday). My german class was cancelled in the morning, but it gave me a chance to sit down and study - which I think I may have needed more (if I could just study for 1 hour each day I would be doing much better). I let Brenna sleep in and then we headed off to the pool again :-) At least Brenna loves riding the bus - I have trouble with my patience in waiting, which will be discussed later on... Brenna and I bought her a pair of flip-flops like mine - her feet are so wide she may have a hard time wearing them well, but I think she will at least enjoy putting them on in the house. She loves playing in the water at the pool which Dustin said is a huge improvement from last year - we played in the warm water inside and then went outside as well. Brenna and Karen (who may be Brenna's new best friend since she shared all her fries with her - bummer she is going back to the states so soon) found a snail close by - and you can imagine Brenna's excitement to play and "pet" the little guy. We enjoyed eating lunch outside - Brenna thinks that is so, so cool. She likes playing with Joy and Kora Lily (another American family over here), but gets a little anxious when the baby cries - she really likes to mother and wants to help if she can. After the pool, we planned on riding the bus home - it was getting way past Brenna's nap time and I could tell she was getting really tired. It was amazing how hot the weather was in the afternoon, and of course I forgot to take my hat for the sun. We waited at one of the stops for about 25 minutes and then decided to run to the store before the next bus came (of course about 5 minutes after we left the bus stop, a bus finally did come - don't get me wrong, the buses here run very timely, but I must have read the time wrong for the 1st bus that we were "waiting" for - if only I would have showed a little more patience I wouldn't have a new sandle tan line this morning...). So, we picked up a few items at the store and then walked to the next bus stop and at that point, Brenna was out. I debated whether to wake her and ride the bus (in which case I knew she wouldn't go back to sleep and would probably be crabby all afternoon) or just walk back... I decided to walk back - it really isn't that far (and I walk that distance all the time, right...) but with a filled backpack, stroller, and the hot sun I was soaked in sweat (and had a major headache) by the time we got back home (and it was about an hour walk from the store). Justice couldn't wait for us to be home and take him out - where is a dog walker when you need one?? but Brenna was a trouper and we walked him down to the park (and then back to the apartment to cool off and veg)... Love that Brenna wants to mother me too - I put a cool towel on my head to cool off after the walk and if I took it off, she came over and put it back on...We both got our baths in - Brenna decided to pour her cold water on me during my bath - boy did she think that was fun to spray the water in - but at least I was already too warm from our day travels. It stayed hot and sticky yesterday, but it is raining this morning and the weather should cool off today :-)

We are planning a trip into Baden-Baden this morning with friends and I really have to do some baking and cleaning before they come. Hope my Grandma Heath feels better soon - sorry to hear that she had some problems yesterday.

Take Care!