Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 24

Hello All!!

Hope all is well. It has been pretty quiet around here with Dustin traveling, but he is home this evening (yeah - unfortunetly he had a lousy day - I don't realize until he has a evening where he wants to be left alone how much Brenna and I really, really want his company - good thing his lousy days (and lousy moods) are few and far between - which is no easy feat with his stressful role I'm sure). We had leftover meatloaf from yesterday - I'm pretty sure I flavored with way too much onion soup mix (but one packet just didn't seem like enough) - still tastes really good - but very oniony (is that even a word??).
Brenna and I had her last day of kinder group today :-( They stop meeting for the summer (July and August - when the schools are shut down as well) and Brenna starts Kindergarten in the fall (how scary is that). She had fun as they painted and then she played in the kitchen there. We, of course, had to have chicken and fries for lunch (I am going to try to not walk that way on Wednesday when I don't have too, lol) - although Brenna doesn't seem like she wanted the fries as much today as she wanted the chicken... go figure...
Brenna spread out all her toys in the living room today and called it her garden - it was quite something to look at, but I was glad that she helped clean it all up before nap time. We also got her microphone out and did interviews - she did really well with and I tried to get some on video (but the dog thought he should be videoed instead). I had to video how she says Baden-Baden - it comes out more like Bogen-Bogen. We played that we were riding the train to Paris, Baden-Baden, and the zoo. Amazing that at her age she has riden the public bus in our town, riden trains to Paris and the zoo, and flown to different countries (she will see more countries by the time she is 4 than I had seen by the time I was 20, lol).
Well, I must get my homework and studying done :-) Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

OMG, I can't believe that your little girl will be going to kindergarten in the fall. How crazy is that???? I so enjoy hearing your stories of how you and she play together. I wish my imagination was that good these days. I hope Dustin gets a break with the traveling soon. I'm sure that wasn't his intention to be traveling so much and away from the two (or three with the dog) of you! Can't wait to see the video of her and the dog. Just think of all the fun memories you guys will have from living in Germany. What a neat thing! Love ya!

mikaysmom said...'ll be happy to know your niece has bangs again. She wanted them cut this morning. Nothing like doing that before heading off to work!